Here are some of the things that brings about setbacks in our marriages that we need to avoid in order to save our marriage and build long lasting marriages with our spouses. 1. HOT TEMPER/ANGER: Always displaying a high degree of anger in your relationship is one of the relationship killers in any relationship. You need to learn how to control your anger and how to show that you ignore certain things,habits, actions in your marriage without necessarily turning it into a hot argument with your spouse that will affect you or partner negatively.

2.BEING TOO SPIRITUAL: It is very good to put God first in your marriage relationship but it is not the best to allow over spirituality to affect your relationship with your partner like always praying all the time, fasting and going on night prayers without having time to spend with your partner ,on certain issues that will affect your relationship or marriage now or in the near future. Remember that marriage or relationship is an earthly thing and it is 90% physical.

3.LACK OF TRUST : Where there is no trust , both parties may be hiding very important things about their lives from each other such as things that has to do with money , health ,fidelity to each other, paternity of children and that will definitely kills love in the relationship and the two parties will be doubting and suspecting each other.

4.DRESSING: This is very important to the ladies, to get your partner to stay with you and be happy , you need to always dress well , not necessarily dressing expensive.. You have to put on well clean and ironed clothes that is appealing and attractive to your partner . Do not say that it is not important that nobody is looking at you, your husband or partner desire or wishes that you should always be in your best dresses all the time for you to remain attractive to them.

5.Remember , that your husband is always seeing every day , other well dress women out there in the office , public places even including the ones that have been eyeing your spouse to get their attention.

In this article series , we are going to continue to look at the various marriage killers that we must avoid, happy ready .

6.YOUR APPERANCE/DRESSING: -So one of the important ways of saving your marriage is to ensure that you appearance is ok and attractive to your partner , so that your partner may not use that as a reason for going into infidelity . This is just the truth because your spouse may find it difficult to tell you this unless you are very sensitive and you are able to figure this out and adjust immediately to dress in an attractive manner . You need to know that men are first attracted to women generally including their wives , firstly by your physical appearance, that is the true and this also positively or negative affect their perception about your character, your spirituality, personal attributes ,background and values before they want to build a relationship with you.

So it all starts with your dressing first. Please I am not referring here to indecent , offensive, seductive and immoral dressing that is seen in our society today, Just Dress well as a discipline person. Men also need to know that women value and appreciate men that dress well, as it is more appealing to their emotions, their perception of yourself worth etc.

Udobon Godwins,is a marriage/relationship coach for over 6 years of experience providing practical steps, techniques and strategies for saving marriagesClick here to save your marriage


Having A God kind of long lasting Relationship 2

The Benefits of Bringing God perspective in your relationship and marriage As your relationship with your partner is gradually moving towards marriage, you should also commit your future together by praying together for your relationship , marriage and future .

The two of you must ensure that your prayer and meeting together to pray is the central focus and not give room to build unnecessary intimacy towards each other. This has to be done with caution, wisdom and by the grace of God.

For a relationship that will last long ,trust and respect for each other should be built and grown , you must also ensure that bodily contacts that will arouse your sensual organs or your emotions is avoided at all times , unnecessary body contact such as kisses, close hugs , petting , sitting on lags, thighs cuddling should be totally avoided. Also our communication, text messages, emails, phone calls must be devoid of words that stir up your partner’s emotions for sexual sins.

The Bible even said that we should not stir up love till it is ready. Ask for God grace in prayer, actions and thought in order to safe sex for the marriage institution where you two will have enough and to spare and the good God will certainly bless your union and marriage. To have a successful relationship or marriage as a Christian , you have to make sure that you spend time reading the word of the lord most especially the areas concerning or that pertains to marriage and spiritual significance.

This helps you to build up your Christian faith and the knowledge of the world of God in areas that pertains to marriage and relationship. Reading and studying the word of God helps you to have the knowledge of what God expects a Godly Christian marriage to be, his love and promises to you.

This helps both of you to understand each other beliefs and also helps the two of you to build up confidence, knowledge , trust and respect for each other .Knowledge of God word will help the two of you to easily change normal conversation to word based conservation that have spiritual significance and helps to build up the foundation( ie the word ), in which your marriage will be built on. This also helps to build up your communication, understanding and compatibility skills in your relationship, which are universal essential keys to sustainable and long lasting relationship.

Also to have a great relationship, you and your partner must locate a Bible based church where they word of god flows and serve the lord there. Serving the lord shows that you love him and you will receive open heavens for god promises to be fulfilled in your life. This could be fulfilling and a great experience for you and your partner. Udobon Godwins,is a marriage/relationship coach for over 6 years of experience providing practical steps, techniques and strategies for saving marriages click here for CHRISTIAN BASE RELATIONSHIP GUIDES Now

How to save your relationship, stop any break up in your marriages and relationships.

Every relationship at a certain point, usually pass through one challenge or the other and one needs have the wisdom, knowledge and issues of how to save any challenging situation in order to avoid any break up in the relationship

You need to first of all do an x-ray of the current situation that you and your partner have found yourselves , do you people cheat on your selves , either you or your partner was the fault in the strains in your relationship , are you people having character or compatibility challenges .You need to ponder on all this deeply , so that it will certainly help you to save your relationship and avoid any break up.

The starting point is for you to know that this is not the time to put blames on your partner or yourself but a period where you and your partner will be making genuine efforts to save your relationship and avoid a break up. In order to save any relationship from break up , either one or both of the parties must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices and compromises in order to bring back the love you both had into your life as far as you both deeply know that you cannot really do without each other .

what ever has been the cause of the strain in your relationship , it can be saved whether you or your partner is at fault , what is important now is that your relationship can be save .Here are some of the steps that you need to use in saving your relationship and build back a great relationship.

You have to be the person that your partner first met, got attracted to you and you people became friends and eventually got married. Ponder with yourself, what must have been the triggers that attracted your partner to you in the first place that is trying to fade away with time now. Was it your looks or beauty, intelligence or diligence that attracted the both of you to each other.

Women are generally known to appear beautiful and look after their looks in the early stages of their relationships but with time as they got married, they fail to take care of their looks or body like before. Women need to understand that men are generally first attracted by what they see and they expect their women to remain the same way for a long time in appearance, just the same way the first mate them. So maintain your looks, beauty or character may be the first thing that you need to do in order to save your relationship.

The next step is to controls your emotions and know what to say right now that your partner might have initiated or started a break up move . What you need is understand is that , this is not the time to start crying and begging your partner about the whole thing .

But this is the right time for you to compose yourself well and ponder about the great times, you both spend together and how you wish to continue enjoying such great time together with your partner.

Take note that deeply inside your partner heart and mind, they still have serious feelings for you and they may also be nursing for the right atmosphere to reconcile with you, hence you need to show the right atmosphere in your life for such possible reconciliation process to begin by taking control of your emotions. Udobon Godwins,is a marriage/relationship coach for over 6 years of experience providing practical steps, techniques and strategies for saving marriages. Would you like to learn more on how to Build long lasting Relationships Click here for practical steps to save your relationship/Marriage Now