Award-winning Eyes In Magazine Releases Gorgeous Edition 38

PressRelease – EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is pleased to share innovations from a variety of fields, including Architecture, the Arts, Photography, Culinary Arts, Design, and Fashion. Known for its beautiful images, EYES IN Magazine Digital Edition 38 is especially gorgeous.

New York, NY – Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief and President of EYES IN Magazine, (Periodic Publication), has released the 38th digital edition of EYES IN Magazine. Pleased to remain ad-free, Edition 38 showcases beautiful images with hallmark in-depth interviews to discover the minds behind the innovations. The EYES IN Magazine Featured Creators highlight modern thought, innovate their industries, and set benchmarks which will change the world. These changes are witnessed through the architectural works of the Oyler Wu Collaborative; the photographic lens of Giuseppe Mastromatteo; and the insights and artistry of Luciano Ventrone, Andreas Golder and Naoko Tosa.

Enjoy snippets from a few interviews:

Architecture: “…we consider it our obligation as instructors and architects to not only put ideas forward, but to test their application. We believe that ideas find their greatest potency through the feedback of human experience, material resistance, and iterative processes.” ~Oyler Wu Collaborative

Photography: “I’m in a constant state of inspiration. Creativity is not staying at home and waiting to be inspired by God. Creativity is a constant research of things that inspire you… new languages, new things in art. Creativity is staying connected with your world.” ~Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Artists: “I admire a lot of great artists, such as Caravaggio, Piero della Francesca, Antonello da Messina, etc. All of them give me different kinds of emotions.” ~Luciano Ventrone

Artists: “I am an admirer of art. I think art is ‘ha ha’ funny. My preferred artist is Barney Gumble from The Simpsons. I like that he is not doing anything. He is not bothering the world with useless thoughts. He is the best performance artist ever.” ~Andreas Golder

Artists: “I would like to work on the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. I also want to further develop new and cool ideas to explore Japanese aesthetics and inspire people from all over the world!” ~Naoko Tosa

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