Yoga Certification Online Or Traditional Training

Traditional Yoga teacher training requires years of direct face-to-face study with a competent Guru. An essential part of learning how to teach Yoga is to maintain a bond with one’s Guru for life. Within many Yoga schools, the Guru has the final say in most matters. He or she decides when a student is ready to ascend to Yoga teacher.

The Guru’s competence level is never in question, because it is accepted that he or she is always right. If one seeks to become a Yoga teacher, by studying under the most accomplished Guru, this process could take years to be recognized as a formal student.

This step of formal Yoga study is taken, before consideration is given to any aspirations of teaching, on the part of the student. Due to the many social changes around the world, and within India, the traditional process of teacher training has evolved over time.

In fact, what we westerners might label “traditional” today did not exist 60 years ago. One did not study a form of Yoga for a month, with a Guru we never met before, learn a few dozen postures (asanas), become a certified Yoga instructor, get back on a jet, and open a teaching practice at home.

The study of Yoga is a much deeper process. A teacher of Yoga is a student for life. Some of us spend hours studying, practicing, and networking with other Yoga teachers – every day – for life. To safely teach students with different health profiles is not accomplished, unless we see the value of continuing education.

There is nothing wrong with the evolution of teacher training, but the traditional form of training took many years and is much less common today. There are many reasons for this. Family, work, and financial obligations, often top the list. Travel to India, to live in an ashram, may also tax one’s pocketbook and time.

With a variety of Web 2.0 tools, applications, and technologies, the ability to enhance one’s education has expanded opportunities for Yoga enthusiasts, students, and teachers – worldwide. No matter how far you live from the nearest town, you can find high-speed Internet access via satellite.

While some may criticize online Yoga training, it should be noted that many respected institutions and colleges have Internet-based education programs. To spread education worldwide, can only help humanity. People are learning more about languages, history, science, and many other subjects.

Therefore, the volume of Yoga education, training, and information will continue to grow in the future. It is almost a magical experience to see the present and future opportunities available for the education of humanity.

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Winds Of Change Why Young India Prefer To Buy Books Online

Through enterprising offers like cash on delivery and free home delivery by courier anywhere in India, online book stores in India are tapping into the buying power of young India.

As a nation we are hooked on to buying things off the shelf and that rule applies to books as well. As such, the concept of an online book store in India is relatively new. But in the last two years, Indian netizens have become quite comfortable with the idea of online shopping. Of course it helps that a major chunk of this net savvy population falls in the age group of 17-34 who spend at least a quarter of their time on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter (The Economist). Targeted ads by any online book store on them ensure that the correct audience is tapped into.

To top it all, in the 21st century, time has become a luxury. With so many avenues to explore, people dont have the time to leisurely browse around a book store. In India, access to many publications have been possible through the advent of online book stores. Book lovers can now browse through a range of books at a time convenient to them and order any title with the click of a button. One of the major reasons why people prefer to buy books online is the variety of payment options which can be made by credit card, cheques as well as cash on delivery which is by far the most popular payment method. The fact that buyers can enjoy free home delivery of their purchase is another incentive to Buy Books Online. And this facility is extended all over the country, irrespective of the location.

Another advantage that an online book store has over a traditional brick and mortar bookstore is space. In a virtual world, hundreds of book titles can be displayed which is not an option that a book store in India has. Plus, it also does away with the problem of ignorant attendants who are unable to guide you to books of your choice. In an online book store, books are systematically arranged in an easy to find search functionality which provides users a digitally rich buying experience.

The positive response from buyers also makes an online book store in India improve its logistics as far as delivery is concerned. Generally, if its an Indian publication, the delivery date is within a week. But for imported editions, the waiting period can be as long as a month or longer as the online book store has to wait for the shipment from the foreign publisher. For international publishers, online book stores in India are a way of reaching out to a new audience. With new books and rare editions slowly trickling in, things can only become better for Indian book lovers who buy books online.

MBD Group- Renowned in the Publishing Industry

A company with over 5 decades of experience in the field of publishing, and the vision of Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, Founder of the company, the MBD Group has established itself as one of India’s leading publishing houses. The complete forward and backward integration in publishing, including the self owned units for manufacturing paper, and the in house facilities for pre press, printing, and binding enable the company to offer quality focused services to the clients. The dedicated employee base, extensive network of distributors and booksellers, and branch offices spanning across India make the MBD Group a familiar name among the clients.

The wide range of publications brought forth by the MBD Group includes technical books as well as children’s books. The company is reputed for publishing books for all educational boards in India, all classroom levels, and for all the subjects. It also ensures that the publications are available in most of the languages that are used worldwide, so the books can be easily accessible to the readers. With over 8000 titles to the credit of the MBD Group, the popularity of the company is on a steady increase. The company has also earned a client list in many places overseas, such as Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, South Africa, Canada, UK, Spain, Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, and Gulf countries.

The MBD Group continues to create new benchmarks in the field of publishing. Under the effective management of the Chairperson, Mrs S Bala Malhotra, and the Directors of the MBD Group, Ms Monica Malhotra Kandhari, and Ms Sonica Malhotra Kandhari, the company continues to face professional challenges in a successful manner. In addition to publishing, the company has also diversified its interests in many industries such as development and management of malls, real estate, hospitality, e learning, and manufacturing of paper and eco friendly notebooks.

The paper mill in Gagret, Himachal Pradesh established by the company produces eco friendly paper. The environment conscious stand of the company is an inspiration. Available under the brand of MBD Writewell, the eco friendly and recycled notebooks are extremely popular. The MBD bosses work as a team and enable the company to keep in pace with the changing technology. The e learning venture brought forth by the MBD Group is very popular among the students, teachers, and educational institutions. MBD Alchemie, the knowledge portal launched by the company offer quality online content for the learners. The company continues to make its presence in premium mixed use development projects, including retail, entertainment, and hospitality.

MBD Group is Asia’s most famous publishers and printers of academic and text books, reference books, children’s books, help books, and other subject’s books like medical, science, technical, computers, and management. has also ventured into various other fields like e-learning, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, mall development and management