Customer Relationship Management And Crm Kpi

Customer relationship management or CRM refers to all of the processes that an organization makes use of to organize and track its contacts or relationships with prospective and current customers. Hence, CRM covers quite a wide array of activities, departments, and processes, from front desk or first line interactions to analytical and behind the scene procedures. These varied practices are sometimes tracked and monitored using so-called key performance indicators or KPI practices are sometimes tracked and monitored using so-called key performance indicators or KPIs. There will be a good variety of CRM KPI to consider, associated with the different aspects of the entire customer relationship management paradigm.

CRM can be more or less divided into four separate but interrelated aspects: front office operations, back office operations, business relationships, and analysis. Front office operations would refer to that part of the system involving dealing with customers directly, whether face to face or through the phone or the Internet. Back office operations, on the other hand, vary from business to business, and involve those processes necessary to provide the appropriate products or services to the customers. Business relationships, the next aspect of customer relationship management, involve, as the term implies, forming working relationships with other companies and organizations as opposed to clients or customers. That is, these would be the firms that a business finds itself working with, as a manufacturer would work with a distributor, and so on.

Key performance indicators refer to particular measurable quantities or metrics that serve as either the most relevant or most important signs of progress or performance in particular aspects. In practice, they are usually not chosen by themselves or out of nowhere. Instead, they form an integral part of a measurable, objective goal. For instance, such a goal may be Increase gross sales by 10% from 2008 to end of year 2009. The KPI in this case would be gross sales. Of course, this specific example would not be applicable or appropriate to all organizations. Other possible KPI’s could be net profit, customer satisfaction rate, return client percentage, employee turnover, and so on and so forth.

In customer relationship management, some performance metrics may be identified in general. Front office operations, for example, would want to process customers not only quickly, but also thoroughly. That is, not only average handling time or maximum customer capacity is important, but also customer satisfaction ratio and percent of cases fully resolved. For the back office and analysis aspects, on the other hand, other KPIs would be more relevant to consider, mostly relating to the speed and efficiency of information storage, processing, and analysis.

But, of course, CRM KPI would be useless without a solid strategic plan backing them up. It would not help much to measure an assortment of quantities if they are not integrated and considered as painting a whole picture of organizational performance. However, if they are used with the proper context and mindset, metrics and key performance indicators will be able to provide invaluable insight into often mis-estimated overall performance.

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Customer Relationship Management (crm) Outsourcing Advantages Custom Crm Applications

Why you need CRM?
A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can provide the tools and technologies needed to deliver more personalized, more proactive service to existing and potential clients.

CRM system improves the flow of vital, timely, accurate customer-related information across your company. Your staff able to collaborate more effectively to acquire, retain, support your customers timely manner. Your business can achieve following
Provide better customer service
Increase customer revenues
Discover new customers
Cross sell/Up Sell products more effectively
Help sales staff close deals faster
Make call centers more efficient
Simplify marketing and sales processes.

We are experienced in developing custom CRM application and desktop application. Our expertise in this area will plan, design, develop and implement CRM application for your business. Techfive Systems provides many facilities in terms of sales force management, sales management, campaign management, lead tracking, product tracking, billing, Quality management and invoicing. CRM application improves the customer responsiveness with much proper view of the customer life cycle of your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services
We offer CRM services for engineering, manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, education, retail, insurance, healthcare, IT, ISV and real estate domains. If you are small business or large scale business, Techfive has a solution.

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Our analyst understands your needs and defines work-flow to match your need. We provide services for following area
Sales force automation
Project management
Inventory Management
Activity Management
Risk Management
Employee Management
Knowledge management
Customer service and support
Reporting & Analytics
Social media.

Some open source application, we can help you to customize
vtiger CRM
Tustena CRM.

CRM Application technology service
.Net Custom CRM applications
Java / j2ee CRM applications
PHP CRM applications
VB .net CRM Application
C# application development
Saas application
Cloud computing.

Customer Relationship Management- Imperative Tool For Today’s Business

Customer Relationship Management is up-and-coming as the center activity for businesses operating in highly competitive environments. On a standard, businesses houses spend ten times more to obtain customers than they do to maintain them. This has finally let many companies to pay more attention to their relationships with their current customers to keep them to increase the share of their business through better customer service. In today”s competitive business environment almost every business institution have a separate division to look into customers demand, for example Banks have customer relationship section for their privileged customers, airlines have separate frequent flyer list to who they provide incentive, telecom have special program for their frequent and heavy users and hotel for their regular guest.

CRM in general is information industry terms for methodologies with Internet capabilities that help a business house manage customer relationships in an controlled way. For example, a business might have a huge database about its customers that has enough detail so that management and sales personnel and resources that are providing services will have direct access and information to them. This enables them to offer better insight and service and match customer needs and square their expectation. Better customer relation solution always makes better market.

More competition in business have alerted business houses to go in for more cost-effective manner, sometime to the extent of reducing manpower. Finance, resources, infrastructure are some of the elements that let companies to think otherwise. Flexible business process with a pinch of better customer relationship is something every business wants.

As of now CRM to other appears as an expensive substitute if they have to seamlessly take their business ahead, particularly to companies that are into marketing with huge initial investments. Companies should adopt CRM only to benefit them. The user of CRM services should never impress your customers that you are entering into a kind of relation that will literally chop off the customer”s the choice and limiting themselves.

CRM solution providers bring in robust solutions to enable companies to better serve their customers and recognize their target customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team.

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