Winds Of Change Why Young India Prefer To Buy Books Online

Through enterprising offers like cash on delivery and free home delivery by courier anywhere in India, online book stores in India are tapping into the buying power of young India.

As a nation we are hooked on to buying things off the shelf and that rule applies to books as well. As such, the concept of an online book store in India is relatively new. But in the last two years, Indian netizens have become quite comfortable with the idea of online shopping. Of course it helps that a major chunk of this net savvy population falls in the age group of 17-34 who spend at least a quarter of their time on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter (The Economist). Targeted ads by any online book store on them ensure that the correct audience is tapped into.

To top it all, in the 21st century, time has become a luxury. With so many avenues to explore, people dont have the time to leisurely browse around a book store. In India, access to many publications have been possible through the advent of online book stores. Book lovers can now browse through a range of books at a time convenient to them and order any title with the click of a button. One of the major reasons why people prefer to buy books online is the variety of payment options which can be made by credit card, cheques as well as cash on delivery which is by far the most popular payment method. The fact that buyers can enjoy free home delivery of their purchase is another incentive to Buy Books Online. And this facility is extended all over the country, irrespective of the location.

Another advantage that an online book store has over a traditional brick and mortar bookstore is space. In a virtual world, hundreds of book titles can be displayed which is not an option that a book store in India has. Plus, it also does away with the problem of ignorant attendants who are unable to guide you to books of your choice. In an online book store, books are systematically arranged in an easy to find search functionality which provides users a digitally rich buying experience.

The positive response from buyers also makes an online book store in India improve its logistics as far as delivery is concerned. Generally, if its an Indian publication, the delivery date is within a week. But for imported editions, the waiting period can be as long as a month or longer as the online book store has to wait for the shipment from the foreign publisher. For international publishers, online book stores in India are a way of reaching out to a new audience. With new books and rare editions slowly trickling in, things can only become better for Indian book lovers who buy books online.

Pros and Cons of Buying Textbooks Online

While studying in college student needs plenty of textbooks to read and pass on their exams. As there is a variety of subjects that one reads during the entire course structure, the textbooks cost a lot. E-books have certainly helped students in saving money that one would incur on buying them, but you have to buy certain books for one’s own convenience and proper studies. Buying books online has been a great option for today’s generation as they can order their required textbooks within seconds and reduce the hassle of buying them from local bookstores. Though buying textbooks online has many advantages, but there are some cons associated with this practice as well.

Pros of buying textbooks online:

Comparative Prices: The basic advantage of buying textbooks online is the cheap prices. As textbooks costs really high, one can get them at comparative prices from online book stores due to additional discounts and other offers. You can save even more by buying second hand books online.

Abundant Choices: Students rarely find choices in textbooks for a particular course but online book stores offer multiple choices. They consist of a variety of books on a single subject written by different authors. Books from national as well as international publications are available in online book stores so students can choose one as per their convenience.

Buyback Option: You can sell your books online once your course or semester ends. This feature is quite attractive and beneficial for students as they can get valuable prices for used books.

Cons of buying textbooks online:

Terms and conditions: Every online shopping site has certain terms and conditions to buy a product, and the same applies with online book stores. There might be some conditions that do not match well with your specifications so buy with care.

Shipping wrong product: Many of the times you might not receive what you have ordered. While buying books, it might be possible that you receive a book of different edition or author to what you have ordered. So read carefully before placing your orders.

Consider these above listed pros and cons while Buy Books Online for a wonderful shopping experience.

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