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Electronic products often seem to move forward in a nonlinear manner. For most consumers, dedicated e-book or electronic reader pop up only recently, however, the seeds of this product were sown long ago. Softbook from SoftbookPress company is a long-forgotten products, it is one of the first e-book devices, but also the object of 1998, we dismantled. About 8 years later in 2006, Sony introduced the first e-book device, the Sony Reader PRS-500. This product uses the latest listing of the electrophoretic display time (EPD), has the advantages of low power and high-readable, and the support of the manufacturer EInk to be popular. At this point the consumer interest in such equipment is still very limited, but online bookstore giant Amazon.com Kindle in late 2007 to bring readers into the market, the e-book market began to Heat up.

In the following years, the Amazon (Amazon) on the basis of the initial launch of a number of Kindle upgrade products. In 2009, the Amazon’s main rival Barnes & Noble has launched its own electronic reader product Nook. Mid-2010, e-reader vendor list has been growing (some brand names are very loud, and some have begun to deliver the product.)

This article is about BenQ (BenQ) has introduced the entry-level electronic reader product-K60. The Wi-Fi-only product is the main objective of the Asian market. Compared with the current leading products can be found, K60 seems to be the main features of the Amazon, Barnes & Noble company Sony and the optimized combination of similar products.

K60 is also now very popular with the EPD display, the diagonal size of 6.1 inches, with 16 gray levels. In view of the broad popular touch screen, the EPD is also equipped with BenQ capacitive touch screen coating, and at the bottom and one side can still see a few controls. Books download for data transfer is achieved via USB and 802.11b/gWLAN and support users of the microSD memory card.

From the end user’s point of view, K60 is the main feature is easy to download and purchase of Chinese and Japanese publications, and find the GoogleBooks English books. E-book reader with many existing products compared, K60 in the component suppliers have a big difference.

Currently the biggest advantage of e-reader is not to hurt the eyes of the “electronic paper” display, so far, almost all of the display using E-Ink screen produced by EPD. The K60 is a new monitor species, using the company’s 800×600 SiPix electrophoretic display. Han Rui from Microelectronics (PIXCIR) the company’s glass capacitive touch screen were bound directly to the EPD. AU Optronics (AUOptronics) module using a pair of Pixcir touch screen controller IC (TangoS32), data through the Atmel 8-bit microcontroller (ATmega168PA) into the time clock, and the display driver is Orise Technology (Orise) Company products (model unknown).

The application of core K60 Samsung (Samsung) of the 32/16 bit ARM9 processor (S3C2416), the processor to complete all major functions. Processor used in the design of monolithic printed circuit board support package, the chip including the independent Hynix (Hynix) Company DDR2SDRAM (H5MS1G62MFP) and Samsung MLCNAND Flash (KLM2G1DEDD). Samsung Wave of the latter are also used.

Wi-Fi module should be a company from Taiwan, USI (USI) of the product (WM-G-MT-03). The ready-made subsystems using MTK (MediaTek) single-chip 802.11b/gWLAN (MT5921) implementation of this component MediaTek in the Chinese mobile phone is often used, it does not appear in the BenQ product to surprise.

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Knowing your skin kind is a prerequisite for choosing any skin care product. Skin kinds range from regular to dry to oily or mixture. Pores and skin products for oily skin are generally less moisturizing than the creams for dry pores and skin. Also, your complexion ought to be regarded as. The possibility of allergic reactions and skin rashes due to certain goods must be regarded as as nicely.

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Dr. Renaud’s Starling Product is aside of the ante getting older collection and is designed to easy out and nourish your pores and skin. The item does contain the most important component, advanced peptide! Advanced peptide helps to promote collagen growth and development. Getting peptide as a main component is extremely crucial, simply because it will permit your pores and skin to turn out to be plush and gentle in locations that are no lengthier that way and it will add a new firmness to your pores and skin. To assist keep the pores and skin thoroughly moisturizer the product has Hyaluronic Acid that is a great drinking water binding agent. This is much less invasive method than Botox injections.

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