A Review On R.k.narayans malgudi Days

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Narayanaswami or R. K. Narayan as he was more commonly known was one of the best-known English writers from India. Malgudi Days is a collection of his short stories, which was published in 1943 by Indian Thought Publications. This widely read Indo-English author, created the imaginary town of Malgudi, located on the banks of the river Sarayu, surrounded by the Mempi Hills, gave his stories a typical Indian setting, and made his characters very realistic.

Through the collection of 19 stories, R.K.Narayans Book Malgudi days portrays a facet of life in Malgudi. The characters have a timeless appeal and these stories tend to stay with the reader long after having closed the book. The stories revolve around the central character, Swaminathan better known as ‘Swami’ to his friends and family.

Through Swami the author portrays the growing pangs of a ten-year old boy, who despises going to school, and makes excuses for not attending classes. He spends his day roaming around the small town of Malgudi with his friends, playing cricket as well as daydreaming. Since the book was written in the early years, the author portrays Swamis father as a Govt. servant of the British Raj and his mother a housewife.

Like most kids of the Indian households, Swami shares his adventures with his aged granny. Swamis close friends include – the hotheaded Mani and Rajam – a brash, rich kid, the son of the Police Superintendent. Through out the story, the author has brought in simplicity, innocence of the kids and a strong bout of Indian ness. The short stories in this collection include ‘Swami and Friends’, ‘Vendor of Sweets’, ‘The Undelivered Mail’, ‘A Hero’, ‘The Hoard’, ‘Leela’s Friend’ etc which have been portrayed on the small screen by actor and director, Swanker Nag in 1986. The other stories in this collection include ‘An Astrologer’s Day , The Missing Mail, The Doctor’s Word and Fellow Feeling.

The collection of stories in Malgudi days by R.K.Narayan, is a classic collection and the technological innovations has not only reproduced it on to the silver screen but also as digital formats in CDs and e-books or online books for easy access for the die hard readers. Available in online shopping portals, one can buy Malgudi days or any of R.K Narayan s books.

Pros and Cons of Buying Textbooks Online

While studying in college student needs plenty of textbooks to read and pass on their exams. As there is a variety of subjects that one reads during the entire course structure, the textbooks cost a lot. E-books have certainly helped students in saving money that one would incur on buying them, but you have to buy certain books for one’s own convenience and proper studies. Buying books online has been a great option for today’s generation as they can order their required textbooks within seconds and reduce the hassle of buying them from local bookstores. Though buying textbooks online has many advantages, but there are some cons associated with this practice as well.

Pros of buying textbooks online:

Comparative Prices: The basic advantage of buying textbooks online is the cheap prices. As textbooks costs really high, one can get them at comparative prices from online book stores due to additional discounts and other offers. You can save even more by buying second hand books online.

Abundant Choices: Students rarely find choices in textbooks for a particular course but online book stores offer multiple choices. They consist of a variety of books on a single subject written by different authors. Books from national as well as international publications are available in online book stores so students can choose one as per their convenience.

Buyback Option: You can sell your books online once your course or semester ends. This feature is quite attractive and beneficial for students as they can get valuable prices for used books.

Cons of buying textbooks online:

Terms and conditions: Every online shopping site has certain terms and conditions to buy a product, and the same applies with online book stores. There might be some conditions that do not match well with your specifications so buy with care.

Shipping wrong product: Many of the times you might not receive what you have ordered. While buying books, it might be possible that you receive a book of different edition or author to what you have ordered. So read carefully before placing your orders.

Consider these above listed pros and cons while Buy Books Online for a wonderful shopping experience.

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Know The Right Tricks To Buy Gmat Books

GMAT is known to be the master of all management tests. When you know that the top colleges of the globe will need the score of GMAT, you can estimate the kind of competition that you are about to face. The first thing that you will need is GMAT books. If you scan the local book store, you will find that books for GMAT come in two categories. One category is the study materials, which can be purchased for one section or for all sections combined. The second category includes the question banks and sample papers that are meant for practice.
There are three particular sections in GMAT. First is the analytical section where you are supposed to depict your writing skills. The second section is the quantitative section where your mathematical knowledge is tested, while the third section is the verbal section. Books are published for one particular section or for all sections combined. Before you decide to buy books, there are few things to be considered. Take a look at tips for buying books on GMAT.
1.If you have decided to enroll in a coaching center, dont buy books in a hurry. This is particular pertinent to mention because most centers offer certain basic materials to students. This generally includes practice books, basic materials and reference books. So, instead of spending your limited money in advance, wait for the center, to supply their books.
2.GMAT materials and books are not cheap. In fact, most publications charge hugely for books written by pros. As such, dont just buy a book because its recommended, but evaluate your needs first. When searching on a particular topic, know the things that you expect for a particular book type.
3.Know your limits and knowledge. Every student has its set of weaknesses and strengths. As such, one book that may be useful to your friend may not be equally beneficial to you. Take a few sample tests and GMAT mock tests to know the areas where you lack the skills.
4.Take as many recommendations as you from faculties and successful students. Your coaching center will already offer their list of suggested readings and books. Contact your subject experts for detailed knowledge on the beneficial books.
5.Practically, its not possible to buy every book that you may need. As such, look for resources that can be used for free. Some coaching centers offer free library services and online resources. These resources are particularly beneficial for suggested readings.
There are numerous online book stores where you can buy books for management exams for GMAT at a discounted price. Some companies even sell second hand books, if you are low on price. There are online forums where you can find articles, materials and certain parts of
Gmat Books for free use. Make a little research on your needs. Smart and successful students dont buy many books, but they buy what they need the most. One book on each section for tricks and tips, and some books for practice should be sufficient.

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A company with over 5 decades of experience in the field of publishing, and the vision of Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, Founder of the company, the MBD Group has established itself as one of India’s leading publishing houses. The complete forward and backward integration in publishing, including the self owned units for manufacturing paper, and the in house facilities for pre press, printing, and binding enable the company to offer quality focused services to the clients. The dedicated employee base, extensive network of distributors and booksellers, and branch offices spanning across India make the MBD Group a familiar name among the clients.

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