Beats By Dre Headphones Billing Code Publications ICD Books, CPT Textbooks, HCPCS – What Are They

Professional medical Billing Code guides really are a needed part of medical insurance plan billing. You will uncover that you’re often looking up codes therefore you will need as much as day code textbooks to achieve this. Health care billing codes transform just about every year and when they are really outdated, the insurance companies will now not take them as well as your states might be denied with the codes. What billing code guides are obtainable and essential? CPT4, ICD9, HCPCS, and RBRVS are all offered. CPT Code Publications – or Present-Day Procedural Lingo. Expert services and methods performed by physicians are described through the utilization of CPT codes. CPT code textbooks are listings of all process codes with an explanation of every code. They are listed both equally by number and alphabetically. These codes are up to date annually and it really is vital to get aware with the alterations every year. From time to time the changes are minimal, but from time to time you can find lots of modifications and it impacts a supplier greatly. CPT Code Guides also comprise a list of modifiers. Modifiers indicate that a company was altered in some way in the stated CPT descriptor devoid of altering the definition. The American Healthcare Association (AMA) CPT modifiers are two-digit numeric codes outlined following a process code . ICD Code guides or The World Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification. The ICD9 coding method is surely an international classification technique which teams similar sickness entities and procedures for the goal of reporting statistical info. It is a method of descriptions and codes accustomed to record the occurrence of health-related diagnoses. ICD9 Billing Code Publications record diagnoses the two alphabetically and numerically. These codes are also up to date annually. Again, the updates are crucial. Should you use outdated ICD9 codes your claims will most seemingly be denied. HCPCS Code Books – or Health care Common Procedure Coding Method. HCPCS is really a standardized coding technique that is certainly used primarily to identify goods, supplies, and services not integrated within the CPT codes, such as ambulance companies and durable professional medical gear, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) when employed outdoors a physician’s place of work. As while using other billing code publications, HCPCS are also up to date annually. Unless you are a company, or possibly a billing support who bills for any company, who supplies sufferers with expertise or provides not coated inside CPT4 code e book, you might not use these codes. What billing code books are offered and essential? CPT4, ICD9, HCPCS, and RBRVS are all obtainable. CPT Code Textbooks – or Existing Procedural Terms. Providers and methods performed by physicians are described because of the use of CPT codes. CPT code publications are listings of all procedure codes with an explanation of every code. They are listed both equally by amount and alphabetically. You can also acquire specialized code publications. We’ve observed them for anesthia coding,
Chiropractic coding, bodily treatment and allergy coding. If you will be a specialty place of work, or you are a billing company who payments for only a smaller group of specialty services, you may wish to look into these. They are normally significantly less high priced and contain information only relative to that specialty.

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Incredible Innovation In Award-winning Eyes In Magazine Edition 42

Press Release – EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is pleased to share innovations from a variety of fields, including the merging of Health and Technology, Design, Culture and Fashion. Interactive, ad-free EYES IN Magazine Digital Edition 42 shares insightful interviews, images and inspiration from the world’s innovative creators.

New York, NY – Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief and President of EYES IN Magazine, (Periodic Publication), has released the interactive, 42nd digital edition of EYES IN Magazine. Now featuring in-magazine videos, slide-shows and more, ad-free, Edition 42 showcases the world’s innovative creators from several industries, including healthcare, technology, design and fashion. EYES IN Magazine Featured Creators in Edition 42 offer insight into saving money in the healthcare industry, eye-catching, sustainable design, finding more opportunities for gender equality in the film industry, and bringing an urban style to iconic winter fashion. The insight shared includes inspiration from Dubai’s upcoming Museum of the Future to the stir of micro-housing in today’s metropolitans and harvesting the power and nutrition of homegrown leaf crops.

Enjoy snippets from a few interviews:
Health and Tech: “We spend twice as much as other developing countries per capita on healthcare, yet we rank last in positive healthcare outcomes.I think there is a powerful symbiosis that can occur as we put healthcare people together with Silicon Valley folks, and that intersection will prove to be important.” ~Richard A. Kimball, Jr.

Design: “One of the interesting things about making things sustainable is that if you can make something to last, people will buy it and keep it. The reason you keep something forever is because you had a relationship with it, an emotional value. That is what I try to do with my work.” ~Mathias Bengtsson

Culture and Film: “That’s the reason we started the Women’s Media Center, to call attention to this, because women do see things differently. We tell stories differently, see the world differently, communicate differently, and about things that are important to women, which are different than what’s important to men. Media creates consciousness.” ~Jane Fonda

Fashion: “My strength is my solid idea of urban, everyday life, and I enjoy bringing that to the brand.” ~Mathilde Lacoste

About EYES IN Magazine, Corp:
As a publisher of the world’s innovative creators and their masterpieces, EYES IN Magazine, (MagBook) spotlights innovation in fields of architecture, the arts, beauty, books, culinary arts, lifestyle and culture, design, fashion, film, health, music, photography, business, real estate, science, technology and travel. EYES IN Magazine is a must-read to stay informed on innovative global brands, trends, events, and upcoming and celebrity creators. EYES IN Magazine, (MagBook) delivers an interactive, state-of-the-art visual experience into the minds and works of the world’s innovative creators under the artistic direction and discerning view of Editor-in-Chief, Author, and Art Director, Vivian Van Dijk. EYES IN Magazine releases monthly digital publications via Magzter ( as well as through the award-winning EYES IN Magazine app on the Apple Newsstand iTunes Store, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble NOOK. Access to the Magazine just got easier with our Kindle Edition App available for Android, free at –

EYES IN Corp. sells printed collector books via CreateSpace and The publications are a beautiful extension of EYES IN Magazine’s Internet outlet, enjoys a 30K circulation, viewed from an average of nearly 100 countries daily, and coordinates social media promotions with 21K+ followers on FB with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn accumulating 1.7M impressions weekly. Creators in these countries share their innovative ideas through exciting articles on the Website and via the monthly EYES IN Magazine, (Periodic Publication). For media promotions, self-publishing, PR for Creators, and sponsorship or advertising inquiries, please contact Vivian Van Dijk at Vivian_Van_Dijk ( @ ) eyesin dot com dot To learn more about EYES IN Magazine visit and

The Greatest Privilege Ive Had In Giving

It is often difficult to get persons with healthy ears and eyes to listen to and see the truths concerning Gods kingdom. Now I was faced with the challenge of teaching them to a young woman deaf and blind from birth!

MY HUSBAND and I live on the property adjacent to the Helen Keller National Center for the Deaf-Blind, located in Sands Point, Long Island, New York. As we watched the building nearing completion we wondered about people blind and deaf, some even from birth. Never to have seen the beauties of the earth, or to have heard its joyful sounds! The mere thought overwhelmed us; the imagining of life in such total darkness and silence was impossible for us! We know of Jehovahs promise that the paradise earth under his Kingdom rule would restore sight and hearing to those blind and deaf, but how could we convey this hope to those who would soon be our neighbors? We prayed that a way to do this would open up for us.

In September 1977, the way was opened. Our congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses received a letter from Georgine Dilts of Seattle, Washington. She had been conducting a Bible study in Braille with 25-year-old Debbie Curry, a young woman blind and deaf from birth. Debbie was first approached by Dallas Talley, a blind Witness. He studied with her and took her to meetings, but eventually referred her to Georgine Dilts, who knew the sign language for the deaf. And now, Georgine informed us that Debbie was being sent to the Helen Keller Center next to our home. Our congregation was asked to assign someone to continue the Bible study with her. I was the one asked to do this! How could I? My world was filled with sights and sounds. I took seeing and hearing for granted. How could I relate to Debbie in her dark and silent world? How could I communicate with her? I didnt know finger spellingand even if I had known it she couldnt see it!

When I met Debbie at the institute my fears were lessened, if not totally put to rest. I didnt need to know finger spelling to speak to her. I talked normally, and she used her hand as her ears. As I spoke she rested her thumb on my lips and her fingers on my jaw and throat. By feeling the movements of my lips and jaw and the vibrations of my throat, she knew what I was saying! This is called the Tadoma method. The word is not yet in the dictionaries. It is formed by combining the first names of the deaf-blind brother and sister first trained in its useTad and Oma. Debbie spoke to me with her voice, though I had some difficulty at first in understanding everything she said. Her ability to speak vocally is amazing inasmuch as she has never heard any words spoken!

Her first question was, When can I go to the Kingdom Hall? That very week she accompanied me to one of the congregations book studies, and I arranged to conduct a home Bible study with her. She also started attending certain weekly meetings at the Kingdom Hall. The first is a school that trains us to preach, and the second helps us to organize the preaching work.

Steps Taken to Help Debbie

At first I took along publications in Braille for her to read during the meetings, but that was only temporary. I and another woman in the congregation took courses in both finger spelling and signing words, and in a few weeks we took turns interpreting the meetings for Debbie. She would hold our hand lightly in hers as we finger spelled or signed what was being said. She was happy to feel a part of all that was going on. Later on I had a student talk in the training school. Debbie wanted to take part in it. I planned my presentation so that she could say a few words in it, and this thrilled her immensely. She also comments at the congregation book study.

The Watchtower Society is aware of the needs of the handicapped. It has the books of the Bible in Braille, many of which have been loaned to Debbie. In its Braille department, the Society embosses many of its publications for blind readers. In Debbies personal Bible study we use the book The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life. She has the book in Braille, reads each paragraph with its question aloud, and then gives the answer. The study articles in every other issue of the Watchtower magazine are published in Braille. This made Debbie eager to attend the Sunday meeting at the Kingdom Hall when this magazine is studied.

The Helen Keller Center where Debbie lives must give permission to do this. The Center is not opposed to Jehovahs Witnesses, but it is very protective toward its clients. Jack, one of the volunteer workers, had been taking Debbie to the Catholic church on Sunday mornings. He was very kind to her, took her swimming, to restaurants, and to other places. Those at the Center felt that this was a good arrangement and were reluctant to change it. So the Center favored Debbies time being divided between usthe Kingdom Hall with me during the week, the Catholic church with Jack on Sunday.

However, Debbies continual request was to go to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday. Her social worker finally agreed that she could make this change if she would tell Jack of her wish to do so. This was difficult for her. She was fond of him. He had been very good to her. She also wanted him to learn about life in Jehovahs earthly paradise.

She invited Jack to her personal Bible study. He is a staunch Catholic, but he could not say No to Debbie. So he found himself sitting in on what he thought would be something like a Ku Klux Klan meeting. At the Center they had discussed these people who whisk Debbie off to several religious meetings a week, saying that one meeting a week was extremely religious, so these people must be strange indeed. Jack told us this, but added, Youre very normal, hospitable people and you really care about Debbie. He returned to the Center with the recommendation that Debbie be allowed to spend time with us whenever we wanted to have her. Her attendance at Sunday Watchtower studies began immediately.

I Have No Problems

One of the Watchtower lessons was about throwing your burdens on Jehovah. Afterward I reviewed some of the points with Debbie.

When we have problems, I said, we can always go to Jehovah God in prayer and talk to him about them. We should never be hesitant to go to him with any problems that come up in our lives.

This young woman who has spent the 26 years of her life in total darkness and total silence responded, I have no problems. Compared to her, I am the one who has no problems!

On one occasion a slight problem did arise. I conduct a Bible study with Denise, a teen-age girl who also attends meetings at the Kingdom Hall. She was scheduled to give a student talk, and I was going over her notes with her. Debbie put her hand over the notes. I removed it, but she covered them again. The third time this happened I moved her hand away and held it briefly. Debbie turned her back on me. After finishing with Denise I turned to Debbie. She pulled an old letter from her grandmother out of her purse and handed it to me to readId already read it for her several times. When I got to the part where her grandmother told her that she did not need to be baptized again because she had been baptized in the Bethany Pentecostal church when she was a little girl, Debbie took the letter from me. She was telling me something.

Top Reasons Why Couples Swapping Is Best for Relationships

The traditional name of swinging is couples swapping or wife swapping. However, the term denotes a bias against females and is considered politically incorrect today. Nowadays, the concept of swapping partners to explore new kinds of sexual experiences is known by many names. It is sometimes called swinger lifestyle, the lifestyle, or simply adult swingers personals. Although swinging is not for everyone, many couples think about the possibility of swapping partners. There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy from this kind of unorthodox practice including a stronger personal relationship with your partner.

First of all, swingers personals have the potential to radically improve your sex life. It is common knowledge that monogamy can result in routine sexual experiences. Having a fixed routine can make a relationship bland or boring. The lack of variety in the bedroom may lead to weakening intimacy between couples. With couples swapping, you and your partner can explore new sexual experiences and discover suppressed sexuality. Such experiences can add a new zest to your sex life. This could improve the relationship as both of you will look forward to a new kind of sexual pleasure during a swinger date.

Contrary to popular belief, swingers personals do not diminish trust within the relationship. In fact, couples who follow a swinger lifestyle discover that trust is an important part of swinging. You need to be able to trust your partner in order to fully enjoy couples swapping. The new found feeling of trust and fondness will make the relationship stronger. In addition, the swinger lifestyle is not considered a form of cheating because both partners are giving their full consent to the idea of swinging. Such openness in a relationship can only be attained if you and your partner engage in swinging. It is no wonder that couples who are actively engaged in wife and husband swapping are enjoying a new kind of trust for each other.

Lastly, couples who are active in swingers personals can discover a new found freedom that could improve the quality of their personal lives. The joy of exploring personal satisfaction through couple swapping can make you happier. Apart from personal freedom, a swinger lifestyle enables couples to discover new friends and allows them to expand their social network. With so many friendship opportunities waiting for you, your life will never be the same again. The new friendships that you can build will eventually improve the bond of relationships.

Couples swapping can offer numerous benefits for people in steady relationships. This type of unorthodox lifestyle has the potential to strengthen the marriage. Because of the new experiences, your level of happiness will improve significantly. Most importantly, couples engaged in a swinger lifestyle can rediscover their hidden sexuality. This can greatly improve sex life which is very important for all couples. So if you value your relationship, you should open your mind to the idea of couple swapping. If you have swinging questions, select a swinger website that has forums, where you can ask other swingers about their experiences.

Are you looking for the best swingers personals site with plenty of lifestyle parties? Enjoy the benefits of couples swapping by signing up with the best lifestyle membership site.

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New & Exclusive Publications From Lda At This Year’s Education Show

At this years Education Show, LDA will be launching a number of exclusive own-developed products:

1. How to Understand and Support children with Visual Needs
Author: Olga Miller and Karl Wall
Price: 9.99

The newest addition to the popular LDAHow to series. A practical book illustrated with case studies to help you identify children with visual needs and support them intheir learning. Ideal for teachers, SENCOs and parents needing ideas and practical support. The main purposes of the book are to emphasize the need for educators and carers to consider how children visually access learning experiences when planning and teaching. To help demystify the needs of pupils who have visual disabilities. And to help teachers and others working in the classroom to be aware of the very broad continuum of need in relation to sight.

2. Sounds Fun!
Author: Liz Baldwin
Price: 12.99

This is the third book in the series of award winning books, I Hear with my Little Ear and I Hear with My Little Ear 2. A collection of phonic games written mainly for parents and carers. It is a fun way to help children to develop their skills with phonics. By doing this parents will be supporting their child in developing speech sounds, their spoken and written language, and their spelling.

3. End of Term Projects’
Author: Helen Sonnet
Price: 22.99

Beat those end-of-term blues with thisexciting resource that offers a variety of topics, each one providing a full weeks work to enable a busy teacher to concentrate on the demands that the end of term brings. Each topic includes an action-packed story with five chapters, one for each day of the week, followed by ideas for literacy, numeracy, science, art, active games and many other enjoyable activities and with full photocopiable resources.

4. Ruler Skills
Author: Mark & Katy Hill
Price: 19.99

Play snooker, find buried treasure, design a stained glass window, hook ducks at the fairground, follow a slug trail and learn how to use a ruler and measure accurately while having fun! Ruler Skills provides a wide range of opportunities to improve manipulation, orientation and accuracy when drawing and measuring. The book contains 87 pages of imaginative and challenging activities to develop hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills and measuring skills, supported by full instructions and teachers notes.

5. Voyages – Shipwreck
Author: Suzanne OConnell
Price: 22.99

Shipwreck forms part of the Voyages into Learning series. This series is based on the premise that the best way to improve behaviour, raise standards and prepare pupils for the world we live in is through engaging them in an inspirational curriculum. Shipwreck builds opportunities for children to reflect on and plan their own learning, whilealso providing lots of materials that teachers can pick up and use.

6. Voyages- Beware of the Wolf!
Author: Suzanne OConnell
Price: 22.99

Beware of the Wolf! forms part of the Voyages into Learning series for Key Stage 2. This series is based on the premise that the best way to improve behaviour, raise standards and preparepupils for the world we live in is through engaging them in an inspirational curriculum. Beware of the Wolf! is a dynamic, research-based, cross-curricular topic that has been written to enthuse learners. It builds opportunities for children to reflect on and plan their own learning, while also providing lots of materials that teachers can pick up and use.

7. The Friendship Formula Game
Author: Alison Schroeder
Price: 27.95

Part of the Friendship Formula series, the game teaches and reinforces important socials skills through the fun of a board game. This enjoyable game aims to encourage and reinforce effective social interactions as well as improving self-awareness, problem solving, perspective taking and friendship skills. The Friendship Formula series follows on from the award winning Time to Talk and Socially Speaking.

8. Seaside Adventure
Price: 27.99

A programme to develop fine and gross motor skills in young children of pre-school age. Seaside Adventure is another Staffordshire County Council initiative, based on a project written by the authors of The Jungle journey. Ideas for both programmes were developed originally by Yvette Ostermeyer, a team of Health Professionals and a PE Advanced Skills Teacher. This book is edited by Rachel Knight, the co-ordinator for both initiatives in Staffordshire.

These are just a sample of over 150 new resources for 2011. Visit the LDA stand SN10 for more information!

LDAs award winning resources from 2010 will also be featured and demonstrated on the stand:

Fidget Busters ERA 2010 Award Winner and 5-7 Overall Winner (Books & Publications 2010)
I Hear with My Little Ear 2 ERA 2010 Finalist and 5-7 2010 Silver Award
Stile Dyslexia ERA 2010 Finalist
Advanced ACE Spelling Dictionary ERA 2010 Winner
Nurturing Success 5-7 Gold Award 2010
Socially Speaking Game 5-7 Silver Award 2010

LDAs authors and experts will also be running various seminar sessions on key SEN topics at this years education show. Check out your seminar programme for further details!



India is a unity in diversity and its literature also gives the same fragrance. Modern Indian English poetry emerged at the end of the Second World War after the end of colonialism. It is one of the many -new literatures’ which began at that time. It is also a fact that modern Indian poetry in English has been neglected by the most of the critics, foreign readers and intellectuals as compare to the creative writings of Africa and the Caribbean. The reason is that it has no obvious and direct relationship to the cultural movements which led to national independence. But by 1947, the situation had changed and with it the concern of the new poets became their relationship to and alienation from the realities of their society. They got a hard challenge from older nationalist writers and from regionalists who demanded a renaissance of the culture of pre-colonial languages of India.

Now English is no longer the language of colonial rulers. It is a language of modern India in which words and expressions have recognized national significances and references. English is not the language of ordinary people. It is the language of those who govern, communicate, produce and make decisions at the national level. Words, phrases, expressions of modern Indian English poetry show the local realities, Indian traditions and ways of feeling. Such Indianization is present in the poetry of Kamala Das, Pritish Nandy and more strongly in the works of Keki Daruwala. It is more commonly present in terms of voice and stress in the poetry of Nissim Ezekiel and Jayant Mahapatra.

Indian English poetry is become a part of the process of modernization which includes urbanization, industrialization, independence and social change and resulting the evolution of an English language culture alongside that of Hindi and the regional languages. Despite continuing attacks on the Indian English poets, their place in modern Indian culture is recognized.

The Indian English poets as a group tend to be marginal to traditional Hindi society not only by being alienated by their English language education but also by belonging from such communities as the Parsis, Jews and Christians or being a rebel from Hinduism and Islam or by living in foreign countries. Many poets of Indian English language come from westernized Indian families and several poets were sent to boarding schools in their childhood. They often do not have local roots.

The Indian English poet’s decision to use English as a language of writing poetry is not only influenced by education but also by the poor state of regional language poetry. In this regard, a critic of Kamala Das says that:

-When she began writing in English, there was no modern poetry in Malayalam.- Manohar Shetty also has the same views regarding his regional language poetry or literature. He opines that:

-In Tulu (the language of his family) there is no creative literature.-

Many Parsi poets writing in English language may be explained by the fact that Parsi-Gujrati is a dialect without a tradition of serious and creative literature.

Many of the poets have been particularly active in translating from regional languages. Ramanujan is famous for his translations from classical and medieval Tamil and modern Kannada, Jayant Mahapatra from Oriya, Kolatkar from Marathi, Patel from Gujarati, Mehrotra from Hindi and Nandi’s translations Bengali are known to every one who is familiar with Indian English poetry.

Kamala Das is the most distinctive and unique voice in Indian English poetry in particular and the whole Indian literary scene in general. She brings a most noticeable and directly perceptible feminine sensibility and an explicit, undisguised, natural idiom in her poems. Recognized as one of the foremost poets of India, Kamala Das was born on March 31, 1934 in Malabar in Kerala. By the influence of her great uncle Nalapat Narayan Menon who is a prominent writer, her love poetry began at an early age. Kamala Das remembers watching him -work from morning till night- and thinking that he had a blissful life. Kamala Das was also greatly affected by the poems of her mother, Nalapat Balamani Amma, and the sacred writings kept by the matriarchal community of Nayars. She was married to K. Madhava Das at the tender age of fifteen. She herself says in her interview that she -was mature enough to be a mother only when my third child was born.- Her husband -often played a fatherly role for both Das and her sons-. There is a big age difference between kamala Das and her husband.

When Kamala Das wished to begin writing, her husband supported her decision only because of his want of improving the income of the family. However, she could not enjoy the morning – till – night schedule like her great uncle. She would wait till night to write. In an interview, she accepts:

-there was only the kitchen table where I would cut vegetables, and after all the plates and things were cleared, I would sit there and start typing.-

At the age of 65, in 1999, she converted Hindu to Islam and became Kamala Das to Suraiya. She had the view that only Islam could provide a woman love and protection.

Kamala Das began to write at the tender age of six and after that she gave a number of remarkable and memorable works. She has the great writing skill both in poetry and prose. She has the perfect hand both in prose and verse. She wrote effectively in both the languages i.e. in English and in Malayalam. In English language, she published her first work in 1964 titled as -The Sirens’. After that -Summer in Calcutta – in 1965, -The Descendants’ in 1967, -The Old Playhouse and Other Poems’ in 1973, -My Story’ in 1976, -Alphabet of Lust’ in 1977, -The Anamalai’ in 1985, -Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories’ in 1992, -Only the Soul Knows How to Sing’ in 1996 and -Yaa Allah’ in 2001 were published. Among them -My Story’ is an autobiography, -Alphabet of Lust’ is a novel, -Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories’ is a collection of short stories and the remaining are the collections of poems.

In the language of Malayalam, she wrote -Pakshiyude Manam’ in 1964, -Naricheerukal Parakkumbol’ in 1966, -Thanuppu’ in 1968, -Balyakala Smaranakal’ in 1987, -Varshangalkku Mumbu’ in 1989 and -Palayan’ in 1990.

Kamala Das received many national and international awards for her great literary contribution. Some of them are Asian Poetry Prize, Kent Award for English Writing from Asian Countries, Asan World Prize, Ezhuthachan Award, Sahitya Academy Award, Vayalar Award and Kerala Sahitya Academy Award.

Kamala Das is a poet of many facets and moods. She is a poet of free love. Love is the lynch-pin round which the poetry of Kamala Das revolves. Her unfilled need for love is the main treatment in her poems. Love is a complex and multi-dimensional human experience in her poetry. It has physical, emotional and spiritual moods in the poetry of kamala Das. Love and hate are often neighbors in her poetry. The theme of alienation is also present in the poems written by her. Because of her disillusionment and alienation from this physical world, she gives the note of protest with feminism in her poetry. Apart from these themes, the theme of glorifying the womanhood is also grabbing our attention. Her poems are mainly concerned with her uncaring husband, her childhood, her marriage, love, life and her intimacy others. Kamala Das delights in celebrating herself in her essential feminine self. Kamala Das is not only a poet of Indian English language, but she is an age herself.

The treatment of man-woman relationship is the main and most important theme of the poems of Kamala Das. Although the treatment of man- woman relationship in her poetry is something subjective, but it is also true for general life of common man common woman. In her famous poem -The Freaks’, Kamala Das talks about the disgust relationship of a husband and wife. In this poem she concludes about the base of the husband- wife relationships in the following lines:

-But, they only wander, tripping Idly over puddles of Desire-can’t this man with Nimble finger-tips unleash Nothing more alive than the Skin’s lazy hungers?-

Here she has the view that only physical relation cannot give a perfect touch to a man-woman i.e. a husband-wife relationship. She asks:

-Who can Help us who have lived so long And have failed in love?-

Meaning is that love is necessary to build a healthy and long lasting relationship between anyone. Only physical relationship is not able to bind the two persons.

In her another poem -The Sunshine Cat’, she also talks about the same kind of loveless relationship of the man and woman. She complains:

— the man she loved who loved her not enough-

the husband who neither loved nor used her

and concludes the fate of this loveless bond of man – woman relationship in the following way: -a bed made soft with tears and she lay there weeping..-

Hence, in the poetry of kamala das, she strongly recommends that the presence of love is necessary to make any kind of healthy and long lasting relationship between man and woman. Whether it is a bond of husband and wife or lover and beloved or it is bond of mother and son, all types of man-woman relationship can be made only by a bond of love.

Mend A Broken Relationship With Marriage Counseling

When you commit yourself to a loved one in marriage, it can be a very fulfilling life experience. This does not mean that there will not be times of conflict. Sometimes conflict can involve infidelity too. You can help your relationship survive by attending marriage counseling for infidelity in NYC, NY. A skilled and professional therapist can assist couples and implement programs that help change stressful situations. Make sure your relationship has the best possible chance of surviving and being loving by seeking the services of an expert counselor.

Renew Intimacy With Therapy

When infidelity is experienced in a marriage there may be many signs that went unnoticed before it happened. Chances are that something was missing within the relationship that was not communicated outside of straying. After a relationship has been broken it is important to sort through conflicts that caused the break. It is also important for a couple to open lines of communication in a guided and therapeutic atmosphere that is supervised by a caring therapist, so the true process of healing can begin. Couples that are willing to give their time and attention to sorting out a relationship in turmoil will find that their bond grows stronger.

Improve Your Relationship By Resolving Conflicts

A couple that chooses to go through therapy together stands a good chance of rebuilding their relationship. Treatment plans all depend on the exact situation, and what makes those involved comfortable. You can expect to communicate about conflicts that seem to be coming between you and your partner while learn techniques that help you both achieve a deeper level of understanding. It does not matter the type of relationship trouble that is experienced, a therapist can help a couple address specific issues.

Expect Joint Sessions To Build Better Relationship Skills

Speaking with a therapist is meant to bring a couple back together by using skills learned to solidify a relationship. Whether communication is an issue or there are other problems, you will learn to solve problems together and speak to one another rationally. Couples can also learn to recognize the good and bad parts of a relationship so problems can be pinpointed using techniques that help you understand the source of conflict. Although speaking with a professional counselor may be difficult, it can be done in any manner that is comfortable including arguing in the presence of your counselor. A therapist is meant to be the mediator that equips you and your mate with the means to cope with emotions that result in turmoil.

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What Do Gay Men Want In Terms Of Love And Relationship

Nowadays, gay relationships are very famous just like normal male and female relationships. These gay relationships are also getting high respect day by day. It is quiet common. Just as we need relationships so as gays after all they are also human beings. Gays love to be with males only and not females. They like to have love and romance with males only. It is really tough to tell whether a male is a gay or not. Just by looking at his activities and ways of talking, sitting and standing you can tell it easily. Actually they are somewhat feminine. Look at his eyes and face and you will be able to tell that the male is a gay or not. They fall under the category of homosexuality. They are same sex peoples but have same needs as far as love and sex are concerned. I would like to mention that they want true love and respect and not sex always. They want equal position in the society as given to other human beings.

You should never disrespect a male who is gay. He is a human being but feel the love for same sex individuals. Mostly people overlook at these people in bad and disrespectful manner. In United States of America gays have complete freedom to live in the gay relationship and have fun. It is legal there. If you are a gay you can find other gays in the places like personal services, gay dating online services, gay community and gay clubs.

Internet is surely the best place to find gays through gay dating websites. Yahoo, MSN and Google will offer you hundreds of best gay dating sites once you will make your search. There are both free and paid dating websites. You need to make out which one you will prefer.

Gays may have jealousy with others in terms of love, relationship and romance. If a gay cheats a gay, he will definitely feel dejected and jealous. This is what we see in the relationships of male and females. Jealousy can both improve and benefit their relationship. They are looking out for a partner who is loyal towards them and live in relationship with them for whole life. They do not want to face any cheating and dejection. They also hate it. If they are able to find their true love they will always remain loyal. They are not at all afraid of getting into relationship.

They never hide their emotions from the one whom they like. From last several years the gay relationships are increasing day by day. There are several gays who have married one another and have adopted kids and raising them like their own. Isnt that great and amazing? They also send greeting cards, postcards and flowers to one another. They date the same way as normal couples date. Are you ready to meet a gay? You should not wait and find them online through gay dating websites. Take action now. This article must have been useful for you.

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The Importance Of Setting Boundaries In A Relationship

When you first get into a relationship with someone, it’s critical that you set boundaries so that both you, and your new partner, are aware of where the lines are drawn. Failure to set boundaries can’t help but lead to a failed relationship–or at least a relationship that’s built on a shaky foundation of insecurity.

Boundaries are usually thought of as being there to restrict us from doing things. They have a negative reputation. However, this isn’t always the case. Yes, they do restrict us from going somewhere we shouldn’t, but they also allow us to see how far we are allowed to go! If we don’t know how far off the boundary is, we tend to play safe by not venturing too far from home and so miss out on adventures!

When you start your relationship, think about the kind of boundaries you need. How close do you want this person to get physically with you? Do you want to limit them or are you comfortable with them being intimately close? How about emotionally? Do you want them to know how you really feel about things, or do you prefer to keep an air of mystery around yourself? What about your personal things? Do you like to share, or do you prefer it if other people leave your stuff alone? Do you want your new partner to be involved in your life outside the relationship — perhaps in respect of family activities or socializing with your friends?

When you considering this, also consider how you want to be in your partner’s life. If you don’t want your partner touching your personal stuff for example, does that mean you have no interest in touching theirs? Do you hope to be included in your partner’s family events, but want to keep them away from yours? Be careful not to set up a double standard!

Once you know where you want your boundaries to be, you need to have a serious talk to your partner. Explain to them what it is you expect from the relationship, and what limitations you have. You may need to reassure them that it’s not because of them that you don’t want them to interact with your family, but rather that your family will be hearing wedding bells rather than your partner’s name if you take them home! You should then discuss what boundaries your partner has — you may not be the only one who isn’t in a hurry to introduce a partner to their family.

Don’t think about boundaries as being there to restrict your relationship. Think of them as being there to ensure that you make the most of the relationship without having to hold back in case your partner mightn’t like you doing/saying something. Boundaries are rules in a game and the game is relationships. Learn your personal relationship rules, explain them to your partner, and your relationship will be built on a secure foundation where each of you knows where the other draws the line.

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Eating Healthy at Restaurants – Important Facts You Might Not Be Aware of

As obesity levels in America rise to obscene levels, more and more individuals are cutting back on restaurant dinners and opting for more home cooked meals where they have control over the ingredients they put in and the portion sizes. This is because of the growing knowledge that the foods served in restaurants are high in sodium and fat content. Serving portions are also excessive, which almost always assures you that dining out can add pounds to your frame. Those on a diet know that eating at restaurants can wreck havoc on their weight loss efforts that they shun it like the plague.

But let’s face it. You can’t avoid the restaurant. At some point in your job or career, you will be called upon to arrange a business meeting in a restaurant. You will have to meet clients in a fine dining establishment so you can close a deal. You and your family will have to celebrate birthdays or special events with dinners out. You will be invited by close friends to eat out and you can’t put off these invitations forever.

Thankfully, healthy restaurant dinners do exist. The key is knowing which foods to order and which ones to stay away from. Now you can put back the joy in eating out back into your life with this list.

Grilled chicken or beef are healthy restaurant dinners. Compared to entrees that are fried or served with cream sauces, grilled meats are definitely healthier alternatives. To cut back on the calories, you can ask that your order be grilled minus the oil or butter. You can also share your meat with your friend, particularly if the serving is too large for you. Even if the serving is just enough, you can still share your portion to prevent excessive caloric intake. To balance the nutrient intake, make sure you order vegetables, and rice to meet your fiber and vitamin and mineral requirements.

Salads area also healthy restaurant dinners for as long as they do not have the fat toppings like bacon, crispy chicken, croutons and huge chunks of full fat cheese. Also, choose vinaigrette dressing over mayonnaise-based dressings and ask that the dressings be given to you so that you can dress it yourself. Be careful not to apply too much.

Soups are inherently healthy food ideas. But not all soups are healthy. Choose one that is made with chicken, beef or vegetable broth over those with cream. Paired with a salad, soups should give you a healthful dinner. Japanese miso soup is particularly nutritious. Together with soups, appetizers and side dishes complete your healthy restaurant dinner options. Steamed vegetables and shrimp cocktails are just some examples.

When it comes to dessert, skip the blueberry cheesecake or the chocolate ice cream. You can simply order fresh fruit in season. This way, you don’t unnecessarily add calories to your midsection or worry about ruining your diet. And when we say fruit, we mean plain fruit, not strawberries lathered in thick chocolate sauce.